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10 October , 2013
Presentation of RETI (Spanish Network of Tourism Industrial) in Spain

On October 29 is going to present the Spanish Network of Industrial Tourism in Madrid, RETI: a tourism initiative, unique in Spain , to value our industrial heritage , with the support of Turespaña and which is associated The Mining Park of Almaden.

The next, October 29, is going to present officially the Spanish Network of Industrial Tourism, RETI in Madrid (MEDIALAB PRADO cultural center; Belgian Sawmill long-standing)

RETI is a tourism initiative, unique in Spain, to evaluate our industrial heritage . The Network brings together the offer structured visits to existing industrial heritage companies across the country.

RETI is the only official representative of this network tourism sector, which has the support of the Secretariat of State for Tourism/Turespaña .

At present, the Network consists of representative public institutions in the following provinces: A Coruña, Alicante, Cadiz , Murcia , Segovia , Sevilla and Toledo, as well as the city of Almaden.

The event will have two parts:

- From 11:00 to 12:40. A working day (b2b) in which members of RETI, together with some of our partner companies will introduce their tourism offer-industry more representative. In this workshop are invited all tour operators interested (general or specialized agencies in cultural tourism, MICE, rural, wine turism.

- From 13:00 to 13:40. Institutional presentation even, which will join in Ms. Isabel Borrego, Secretary of State for Tourism, and D. Diego Calvo Pouso, President of RETI and the Country Council of A Coruña.

Industrial tourism is a journey to the curiosity. RETI invites you to explore manufacturing curiosities the big brands and authentic products made in Spain. Practicing industrial tourism with RETI, is definitely one of the best investments in our leisure time and culture.

What is case?

RETI Web: www.turismoindustrial.es

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