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  Your opinion is very important to us. This is why we would be grateful if you wrote whatever you deem appropriate in regards to your visit to the Almadén Mining Park.
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Ref: 6
Muy recomendable para todo el mundo. La atención del personal es excelente. La visita al interior de la mina es algo impresionante que no se olvida en mucho tiempo. Las intalaciones exteriores son muy didácticas. El único \"pero\" que puedo añadir es el estado de oxidación de los hornos, una capa de pintura ó de laca protectora no vendría mal
Ref: 5
Excitante, la visita a la mina ha sido muy excitante. La historia de los forzados de la mina es increíble y nuestro guía nos ha hecho pasar genial..
Lo recomiendo tanto para niños como para adultos.
Ref: 4
La visita a la mina es algo único y sorprendente pues ya la he visitado en más de una ocasion pues me traslada a otros tiempos para ver el trabajo que realizaron los mineros
Ref: 3
Un lugar digno de verse, un nuestro guía Eusebio un verdadero encanto, enseñándonos todo el recorrido con el respeto y cariñó que merece un lugar como este. Recomiendo totalmente la visita.
Ref: 2
El parque es precioso, súper bien conservado, somos una familia con dos adolescentes y un niño pequeño, a todos nos encanto, el guía muy bien, tan bien que nuestra visita duro casi 3 horas, lo recomiendo a todo el mundo, es una pena que un sitio como este no se le haga la publicidad que se merece. .
Ref: 1

Our visit to The Almaden site was excellent, interesting, well-organized and our guide ( who had worked at the site for more than 25 years ) was first class. We waited to look around the hospital @ 5p.m. and enjoyed that as well, someone very kindly kept appearing with English the translation for the various sections. As you can guess this was extremely helpful. We would certainly recommend a visit to friends who would be in that region of Spain. All the staff we met or have had contact with have been most helpful.

One comment would be - how are people to know about it? My wife and I have toured around Spain often since retirement, hiring cars at various airports with a view to seeing sites, buildings and caves within an area. We only knew about Almaden by looking up the World Heritage Site website to see if Spain had any new ones - and it did! We have already been to the other 37 World Heritage Sites on the Spanish Mainland and thought it all sounded very interesting, as it was, so it became a key part of our travels. We stayed at several Paradores, but there is not one particularly close. We in fact travelled from Almagro and but helpfully we had maps sent to us in e-mails from the Almaden Site. This made finding our way to the correct location in Almaden very easy. At the Mine we given some leaflets written in English which we took back to Almagro Parador, where we were staying. Perhaps it would be a good idea to send leaflets to hotels in the region written in Spanish, English, French and German to further publicise the mine.

Ann & Paul Hill - England. June 2013
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